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Biete: Frontend Developer (JavaScript, Vue.js)

von Julia Hildebrand in Beliebig | Firma „CORRECTIV Recherchen für die Gesellschaft GgmbH“ | Freelance

About us

beabee is project by CORRECTIV in Germany, The Bristol Cable and The Bureau of Investigative Journalism in the United Kingdom and Vereniging Veronica from the Netherlands. We want to empower independent local newsrooms in Europe, to help them start and run community-centred and community-funded newsrooms.
We are developing an open source platform that empowers newsrooms to do journalism with their communities and not just for them, turning audiences into active informants, members, supporters, volunteers or collaborators. We have a strong focus on privacy-by-design principles and putting the power of data ownership back in the hands of communities.
We are looking for you

From January 2022 we are looking for a frontend developer on a 2 day/week freelance basis who has a passion for civic tech and building open source technology. You will work alongside our international team of 3 developers and UX designers. See the full team here: www.beabee.io/en/team/

We are building on a system written in TypeScript that has been powering The Bristol Cable’s 2,600+ membership for 3 years, taking their solid foundation and turning it into a product that newsrooms and communities everywhere can use to power their journalism. Therefore an understanding of TypeScript and backend technologies is desirable but not essential as you will principally be building a new frontend in a fresh codebase built on Nuxt.JS.
Skills you will definitely need

  • Highly proficient with modern JavaScript (ES6, ES7) and Vue.js (or other similar frontend framework) and its core principles such as components, reactivity, and the virtual DOM
  • Understanding of Nuxt.js or other server-side rendering technologies
  • Good understanding of HTML5 APIs (Location, Navigator and etc..) and CSS3, including SCSS preprocessor
  • Ability to build modular and reusable component
  • Fluency in writing modular CSS using BEM/SMACSS or other modular paradigms
  • Proficient in writing CSS with pre-processors such as SASS
  • Familiarity with Agile methodologies
  • Experience using Git version control
  • Experience working with designers and user experience architects
  • Fluent in English

Some desirable skills

  • Proficient in TypeScript
  • Experience using PostgreSQL or other SQL databases
  • Understanding of Node.js, Express, and Docker
  • Knowledge of functional programming and object-oriented programming paradigms
  • Proficient in Linux command line
  • Understanding of sysadmin tooling for server infrastructure and continuous deployment
  • Insights into the needs of community organisers or community engagement
  • Knowledge of data privacy legislation such as GDPR
  • Experience working in a remote team
  • Mobile app technologies such as React Native

What we offer

  • Flexible Freelance work
  • Remote work environment (The current team is working from Maastricht, Essen, Bristol, Antalya and Porto)

To apply please send a short outline of why you are interested in the project and a few work references (e.g. GitLab/GitHub links) to julia.hildebrand@correctiv.org by December 22. Please also add your short CV (in German or English).

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